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Let me ask you a question.  What makes two identical businesses different?  In other words what causes one to dominate and out sell the other?  Let’s say for example you have two plastic surgery practices that are in the exact same location.  They are both on the same street in their local city.  They sit right across the street from each other.  They both provide the same services such as Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Blepharoplasty, Liposuction, Hair Transplantation, Botox etc.

97% of Consumers Search for Local Businesses Online

They both have the exact same quality of surgeons, nurses and staff.  They both have the same building architecture and office decor.  Their practices are identical.  Everything is virtually identical except one main component. 

One practice consistently out performs and out sells the other practice with triple the number of surgeries performed.  Their business and brand reputation has far fewer complaints even though they perform three times the amount of surgeries.  If they are both identical in every way then what is the reason one practice completely dominates the other in sales and profits? The reason is New Media M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G!

The unsuccessful and near bankrupt practice is still using old marketing techniques such as the Yellow Pages, stale Radio and TV advertising.  To make matters worse they are not even tracking their advertising to see which method is most profitable.  On the other hand is the successful practice that has multiple listing results on the first page of Google for their website

Online Users Make 200 Million Searches Per Day

They are using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube to bring in customers and build relationships.  They are implementing mobile marketing campaigns to make their phones ring consistently.  They are also using social media tools to manage their reputation and keep it in the “positive.” 

In other words they are using laser targeted marketing that goes directly to their potential customers.  They are advertising directly to their given demographic for each type of procedure they provide.  For example if the practice is located in Miami and their demographic for breast augmentation is females between the age of 25 and 35 then they are only advertising to females who live in Miami in that exact age group!  They are not wasting advertising dollars on media that gets poor results.  They are tracking their marketing efforts so they know where to spend their advertising dollars more effectively for maximum profits.  

Are you starting to understand what can make an incredible difference between two businesses? Let me ask you another question. Why did you come to this website?  Is it because your business website is lost and nowhere to be found on the 1st page of Google?  Perhaps it’s because your competition is eating your lunch and you’re tired of being dominated.  Are you ready to completely dominate your niche and turn the tables?  What would your business financial statements look like if you had multiple listings on the 1st page of Google? 

86% Follow Up With A Phone Call or in Store Visit

How about if your website was actually converting visitors into clients instead of sucking your cash down the virtual toilet?  How would you feel if you could send out a text message or tweet to your list of customers and have them calling your business within minutes to make and appointment and spend their money with you?

This is what we do here at Miami Internet Marketing.  We evaluate your business and website and come up with a customized business blueprint specifically for your business and unique situation.  We don’t have cookie cutter prices or solutions because that would be doing a disservice to you the client.  Every business is different and that is why we customize a complete marketing plan geared towards your goals, wants and needs.

We have many different tools and strategies at our disposal and we tailor them to fit your specific business niche.  We use SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Online Video, Joint Venture Partners, List Building, Web 2.0 Properties, Mobile Websites, Split Testing, and Conversion Tracking to name a few.

84% of Small Business Owners Invest in Online Marketing

We are a small “Put Your Business on Steroids, Dominate Your Niche, Lead Generation” boutique firm with 3-5 employees.  What that means is that we do not ship your work to India, every client get’s my personal cell phone number, and every client deals directly with the owner which is me!

We specialize in local business domination.  That is why we only work with one business per niche.  For example if we were working with a Chiropractic firm in Miami we would not take on another Chiropractor who was also located in Miami. 

We can not work with everyone who contacts us.  We work with select companies who fit a certain criteria.  We purposely limit the number of clients we take on so that each client gets individual attention and phenomenal results.  If we overburden ourselves with too many clients then our quality and results would suffer.  Therefore we limit the number of clients we work with.  Call us to check availability.

While Consumers Search Online, 64% expect the Business Location to be Within a Distance of 15 Miles

Did you know that you only have literally 3 seconds to make an impression on a website visitor.  In those 3 seconds they ask themselves three questions:
For What? So What? and What Now?

If your website does not answer those three questions within 3 seconds then you just lost a potential client. What is your website telling your potential customers and clients in the first three seconds? Call me and find out!

I live, eat and breathe marketing!  It’s what I do.  Help me help you!  Call now before your competitor does!   305-735-9633

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