Domain Names For Retirement

by admin on November 4, 2010

I just bought more domain names.  I am addicted to buying them because they are literally the wave of the Internet.  Owning the proper domain name is no different than having your brick and mortar storefront smack dab in the middle of the busiest street in your city.

It’s your location on the Internet and your greatest asset especially when it comes time to sell your business.  If you own the generic domain name for your business niche then you’re going to be building links and content for your website for years to come.

In reality for the entire time you own your business.  You’re going to work at getting it #1 on Google for your main keyword.  When you go to sell your business this gives your business valuation considerable more value because you’re selling the domain name with the business.

If you own for example and your business is shipping diapers all across North America how much more is your business worth when your website is #1 on Google for the term “baby diapers?”  The branding value alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the buyer let alone all the free traffic coming from the Internet!

I picked up some nice future domains today, and I also bought  Futuristic domains based on technology that is happening right now.

 These are what I call my “retirement domains” because I won’t sell them for another 10 years down the road.

What about you?  Are you building your business on the right domain that is going to add significant value to your business or are you building your business on sand as the old parable goes…

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