How to Choose an Internet Marketing Firm

by admin on July 12, 2010

How to you choose an Internet marketing or SEO firm to handle your website and business?  There are a lot of scam artist on the Internet as well as people who hang out a shingle but don’t have a clue as to what they are doing.  Especially when it comes to seo work and Internet marketing in general.

The main thing to keep in mind is can the company you are interviewing show you positive results for their own websites?  I’m talking about website they actually own themselves.  In other words if they are going to consult with you on how to make money on the Internet or how to increase your traffic are they practicing what they preach for themselves?

Most seo companies are not creating their won money making websites so don’t expect them to give you top notch advice when it comes to getting your own website to the top of the search engines.

Ask them to show you results from customers that they have worked with.  They key to remember is don’t fall for the trick that some people will try to pull over on you and that is getting a website to #1 on Goolge for some long tail keyword that gets absolutely zero   searches or traffic.

Anyone can get a website to #1 on Google for the term “Miami Scooby Doo Breakfast Restaurant.”  Understand what I am saying?  The problem is that no one is searching for a breakfast restaurant named Scooby Doo.

Have they gotten anyone to the top of search engines for normal generic terms such as Miami Yoga, Miami Chiropractor, Miami Dentist, etc….?

These are terms people are searching for.  Take your time hiring someone and work with someone who explains things to you so that you understand what is involved in hiring an Internet marketing or seo firm in Miami.

Have them show you how to search for a couple keywords and find out what people are searching for when it comes to your business.

Lastly see if their own marketing website is at the top of Google for their own business.  If they claim to be a top Miami Internet marketing company are they at the top of page #1 Google results?  If not then how can they get your website to the top if they can’t get their own website to the top?

These are a few things to think about when hiring a marketing firm.  Take your time and don’t get caught up in the hocus pocus some companies will try to pull over on you!

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